Tuesday, April 24, 2018

SeeSaw in the Elementary Classroom

SeeSaw in the Elementary Classroom 

SeeSaw is an online learning journal that can be used for all ages of students, PreK-12th Grade. SeeSaw can be used as a resource for collecting and organizing student records in a digital way and can also be used to provide interactive and engaging learning opportunities for students. One of the most beneficial features of SeeSaw is the communication it provides between teachers/students and parents enabling student work and learning experiences to be showcased in a digital archive.  

For Students-
Students can share what they know and what they're learning through videos, photos, drawings, texts or links. This can be shared privately with their teachers, shared with parents, or shared collaboratively with others students.  

For Teachers: 
Teachers can review and grade student work and upload new assignments through SeeSaw. This also provides a great resource for documenting student work over the course of the school year. 

For Parents:
SeeSaw creates a triangle of communication between parent, teacher and student. It allows parents to see inside the classroom and be more actively engaged in their child's learning experiences. It provides an avenue for effective communication online in a safe and confidential way. 

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