Monday, September 25, 2017

Videotaping in the classroom

Today I wanted to share with some of what I am learning related videotaping in the classroom. As I learn more and more about instructional coaching, one thing that is consistently a part of the conversation is the importance of teachers recording themselves teaching, as well as coaches recording themselves coaching, and the conversations that happen based on those recordings.  Jim Knight, an expert on instructional coaching, along with a team of authors and researchers, published an article entitled “Record, Replay, Reflect,” and in this article, they share the results of a study they did on “what happens when coaches and teachers watch themselves on video.”  This article provides a lot of insight on why recording yourself is important.  

Here are my biggest takeaways from the article:
  1. Video provides us with an objective perspective of what is going on in our classrooms and conversations. We can’t get this same perspective from someone else.  We need to see it for ourselves.
  2. Reflecting on recorded lessons or conversations helps us to set specific goals for things we want to improve.  We, as teachers and coaches, get to pick what we want to focus on and what is important to us.
  3. Recordings can help us gather data to track our progress towards a goal.
  4. Teachers and coaches should watch the video by themselves first to be able to react and reflect in their own way.
  5. Our nonverbal behaviors (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) are often the things that would go unnoticed if we didn’t take time to record and watch ourselves.
  6. Improvement comes from first establishing a clear picture of our reality.

After reading this article and reflecting on what it said, I decided to record a few of my own lessons and reflect upon them.  There was a lot for me to see and take away from the videos, and as the article said, I was able to pick the specific goal that I wanted to focus on. I plan to use more recordings along the way to collect data and reflect on my progress towards my goal.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Welcome to the Southeast Warren TLC blog!  
This is a place where the TLC team will be sharing what we are doing within the district as well as what we are learning.

What is TLC?
The mission of our Teacher Leadership Compensation (TLC) plan is to develop leadership opportunities for exemplary educators that will further improve instructional practices and increase student achievement.
Who are we?
The TLC team is comprised of 11 members K-12.
  • Haley Seuferer, K-6 Instructional Coach/Technology Integrationist
  • Shelley Mitzelfelt,7-12 Instructional Coach/Mentor Teacher Instructor
  • Megan Birchette, 7-12 Technology Integrationist
  • Pam McCombs, Mentor Teacher Instructor
  • Amanda Carnes, K-3 Model Teacher
  • Megan Cooper, K-3 Model Teacher
  • Lacey Burrell, 4-6 Model Teacher
  • Tina Schneider, 4-6 Model Teacher
  • Sarah Sealock, 7-12 Model Teacher
  • Shane Rowlands, 7-12 Model Teacher
  • Angie Kelso, 7-12 Model Teacher

What do we do?
Instructional Coach: These positions enhance instructional practices at the classroom level by raising student achievement through collaboration, coaching conversations, analysis of data and facilitating professional development.
Technology Integrationist These positions enhance technological instructional practices at the classroom level by raising student achievement through collaboration, coaching conversations, analysis of data and facilitating professional development centered on technology integration.
Model Teacher They invite colleagues into their classrooms to observe best teaching practices or content specific techniques.
Mentor Teacher Instructor These positions oversee the mentoring program district wide and will contribute time and expertise to make significant contributions to the development of new and current professionals in the district through discussion, instruction, and collaboration.
Southeast Warren Community School District is a progressive student focused institution that brings together outstanding educators, dedicated parents, and a proud community. We are excited about the TLC program and the impact it will have on our staff and student achievement.