Thursday, February 22, 2018

February Tech Tip - Unsplash Photos

Unsplash Photos Add-on

Unsplash Photos is a website that has “creative commons” images, which means they are free for anyone to use - no copyright issues.  I know that many of our students are used to just using Google Images when they need an image for an assignment, however, when they do this they are most often taking copyright laws into consideration.  Unsplash (along with other sites) offers image that are free for anyone to use.

Unsplash Photos are not the standard clipart style photos or stock google images we are used to seeing. These are much more creative images from photographers around the world.  

This is an example of an image from Unsplash. 
Easily Accessible:

The Unsplash Add-On is a great tool that allows students (and teachers) to add images quickly and easily into their powerpoint presentation as well as ensure that they are no copyright violations.  

This video will how you how to get the add-on within your Google Drive and what it looks like once you have added the add-on.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Learning to Code in the Elementary!

Coding is a fun and interactive way to teach kids the basic concepts behind computer programming. There are numerous apps, websites and types of software that students can engage in to learn some of these early and simple skills behind programming. In the month of January, all Kindergarten through 6th grade classes began their first coding lessons using a website called This website exposes students to problem solving and computational-thinking throughout each scaffolding lesson. The students greatly enjoyed these first coding lessons and are looking forward to incorporating more coding into their future instruction.

A couple of other great coding resources are included below.