Thursday, April 26, 2018

Shane Rowlands - Personalized PD Level 5 share out

For my personalized professional development, I wanted to find a way to incorporate technology as an assessment tool.  Thanks to the assistance of our Technology Instructional Coach at Southeast Warren, I was guided towards information and research that would help me reach that goal by having the students create web pages summarizing the first five chapters of their textbook on google sites.  Additionally, Mrs. Birchette also instructed my students on how to create and share their webpages with me, as my technology aptitude is quite low.
The implementation process worked quite smoothly on the technology end, as Mrs. Birchette was quite effective at getting the students to understand the setup process of google sites.  Any glitches that occurred in the implementation process occurred on my end due to not providing a more clear edict to the students in regards to how they needed to show their understanding of the subject matter and how to display that information on their webpages.
In reflection, I feel that I greatly benefited from this collaboration with Mrs. Birchette, and my students definitely benefited from the experience of doing this project.  I look forward to seeing how the students improve upon their end of year test being able to use their webpages as notecards to truly see the benefits compared to last year. I also think that this will be a good experience for the students next year, as the webpage can continue to grow and expand as their learning increases.  The final change I will make next year is having Mrs. Birchette teach the students to do this at the very beginning of the semester so the students can expand their webpage each chapter. Overall I think this was a very beneficial experience for me as an educator and for the 7th grade students to learn at Southeast Warren.  I’m also quite hopeful that these students choose to use google sites on their own to help organize their learning in other classes.  

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