Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Using Class DoJo for Classroom Management

Class DoJo is an easy to use and easy to set up online classroom management system.  It provides a fun way to motivate positive student behavior, keeps track of data that can be shared with parents, and doesn't require a great deal of teacher time or effort to implement. 
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1. Setting up Class DoJo
Class DoJo is simple to set up. You first create your class and assign each student an avatar. (which they think is so cool) Then, as a teacher, you have the ability to set up each category for which points will be awarded. (homework, behavior, organization, listening, etc) When students are awarded a point, a "chime" sounds over the speakers for everyone to hear. They love this feature too! You also have the ability to deduct points or assign "negative" points as well. Teachers can also decide how points will be used once a student begins to accumulate points in their bank. Some popular incentives have included free time, prize box treats or free homework passes.

2. Data/Communication 
One of my favorite features of DoJo is the way in which it makes communicating with parents so easy and time saving. Once parents are connected on DoJo to their student (through email invitation) they can view their child's point bank, and access daily or weekly reports that show their students behavior/ homework being turned in, etc. This eliminates the need for daily emails or notes home for some students who are being more closely  monitored.

3. Time Saver
In my experiences using DoJo, and in speaking with other teachers who have used it in their classrooms, the amount of times it saves and the great line of communication that it provides from teacher to parent each day makes this an excellent tool!

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