Friday, March 9, 2018

March Tech Tip

Video tutorials & instructions:

This month I wanted to share an idea about how you could use videos in the classroom. Many of us have used videos created by other to teach or share content with our students.  We have also had students use video to create projects and presentations.

Another way to use video in the classroom is to create your own videos for tutorials and instructions.  I have used this a few times recently in my own classroom, and it has helped me because I don’t have to explain something multiple times to students, especially those who are absent.

Example #1:
Students were working on formatting a Works Cited page, including a hanging indent. Usually this is something I have to show them and explain several times.  This year I created a short video using Screencastify that walked the students through the formatting process so they could watch it whenever they got to the point of formatting.  

Example #2:
Students in Mrs. Cooper’s social studies class were creating quizzes on Google Forms. Several of them were unsure how to turn the form into a quiz. I created this short video to walk them through the process. Mrs. Cooper was able to put the video on Google Classroom so the students interested could watch it and learn how to create the quiz.

Example #3:
Ms. Sealock has her students create videos over Greek gods and goddesses.  This year she is going to record a video that walks students through the assignment expectations and rubric.  This will allows students to watch the video if they can’t remember something about the specific expectations.  It will also be helpful for any students who are absent.

These are just a few examples of videos you could create for your students. If you have any questions or would like help making a video, please let me know!

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