Wednesday, January 3, 2018

MakerSpace Demo Day in the Primary Building

In December, Jeff Glade (Technology Integrationist from Heartland AEA) came to demonstrate different MakerSpace and STEM resources that can be used and incorporated into Science, Technology and Math instruction.  The students and teachers had the opportunity to learn about and try out Ozobots, Osmos, Spheros, SnapCircuits and more! It was so much fun finding out more about these resources, and we are looking forward to having more MakerSpace items available to our classrooms in the future!


  1. The students look really engaged. Sounds like it was a fun day for everyone!

  2. It looks like the kids loved the Makerspace demo. Our students really enjoyed the one that we put on as well. We took the ideas, concepts, and tools from our demo and began spending grant money to build our own elementary Makerspace. Let me know if you want more information on how we built ours or what it contains.