Thursday, October 5, 2017

Personalized Tech PD

This year the Jr./Sr. High teachers are doing something new in Professional Development.  We have implemented a personalized professional development plan that includes technology.

Personalized Technology Professional Development at Southeast Warren Jr./Sr. High School:

In this course, teachers will work through a 5 level cycle to discover research-based strategies, as well as implement and share a new practice in their classroom centered around a student achievement goal and tech tools to support that goal. Teachers determine the area they would like to research and a goal they'd like to accomplish with their students.  They then work through the 5 level cycle to research how to accomplish this goal (including selecting at least one tech tool). They then implement their research into their classroom and ultimately share out their learning. During each level of the cycle, the teacher meets with either the instructional coach or technology integrationist to share where they are in the process and get any feedback or guidance necessary.  After completing each level, the teacher is given a window cling to hang in their classroom to signify completion of the level.  After all 5 levels have been completed, the teacher may also earn one license renewal credit.

Overview of the levels:
Level 1 - Selection: Teachers explore topics and tech tools, and then select their topic as well as identify a few tools that are related.

Level 2 - Research: Teachers research their topic using a variety of mediums (articles, videos, AEA resources, etc.) and write about what they learned during the research process.

Level 3 - Implementation: Teachers use what they learned in their research to plan and integrate what they learned into their classroom through a lesson or unit.

Level 4 - Reflection & Share-out: Teachers reflect on the implementation. They then create a presentation about their research, implementation and reflection, and present it to the staff.

Level 5 - Additional Share-out: The teacher watches a recording of their presentation and reflects upon it. Then, they present to an additional group beyond the staff (school board, AEA training, SEW TLC blog, etc.). The final step is a reflection of the entire process.

You can see these clings outside of teacher's rooms
 as they complete each level.

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  1. I love the idea of a Personalized Tech PD component to your PD framework. We are hoping to get something going similar to this in our district. I hope to pick your brain and get more information about this when we meet on November 2nd.